Long Range Facilities Task Force

  • Recent studies show as many as 3,000 more students will enter Bethel Schools in the next decade. Do we have enough space? Will we be ready?

    That's where we need your assistance. We are seeking staff, parents, students and community members to help us develop a smart, efficient, long-term approach to managing our facility needs.

    Surveys last fall showed overcrowded buildings, school safety and aging facilities were our community's top priorities. So, in response, we are launching a new Long Range Facilities Task Force. This group will study the age and condition of our buildings, help us prioritize our schools' most urgent needs, and develop a plan that keeps costs low for taxpayers. The task force will develop recommendations that will guide our school district through this period of anticipated growth. 

    The Long Range Facilities Task Force will meet six to eight times this year. The first meeting will be March 21. Members will be selected from those who apply based on achieving a balanced representation of a wide range of experiences, perspectives and geographic locations. Selection criteria include: area of residence; experience considering complex issues and perspectives; demonstrated ability to compromise; desire to innovate and collaborate; familiarity with group processes; and an ability to commit to meetings and committee activities. Applicants should also have demonstrated interest in the Bethel School District.

    If you are interested in the long-term safety, quality and construction of Bethel Schools, please complete this application

    Have questions? Please email us here