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Class of 2017 Informtion

Upcoming Events:

January 12        Senior Class Picture,  9:15am- Meet in Gym

January 17         FAFSA Work Night, 5-8pm
January 22        Senior Yearbook ads due - To create go to:

April 19              Culminating Project Paper Due

May 16-18         Senior Presentations

June 1               Senior Awards Night

June 3               Senior Prom at Pioneer Park Pavilion

June 1, 2, & 5    Senior Finals

June 6               Seniors Last School Day

June 7               Senior Breakfast & Graduation Practice, 7:30am

June 12             Graduation – 1:00pm at the Tacoma Dome



 Place a senior ad in the 2017 yearbook! Payment and ads are due by January 22, 2017.  Go to  to create the ad.
full page - $200
1/2 page - $110
1/4 page - $90
1/8 page - $50

FAFSA: Seniors, have you completed your FAFSA yet? If not, get started now. This application opens door to many different funds available for going to college including federal grants, work study, loan options and scholarships.  The application opened early this year so get yours completed TODAY!




As you start the first part of 2017, I can only guess since it has been a history for the last few years of parents/students wanting to know if they can still order.  Well as you know, they can.  Here are some answers for you if:


  1. Can we still order:  Yes, they can call 1-800-Jostens and they can take the order over the phone.
  2. How long do we have to order:  Technically they can order up until June 30.  However, we suggest of they just want to order cap and gown they should do that no later than June 1.   For other graduations products, we suggest April 15, as a deadline date.
  3. Final payment for orders placed in the fall is:  February 26, 2017 to avoid a potential late fee being assessed to the order.
  4. When is cap and gown delivery and graduation products that have been ordered prior to the deadline date in December:  Typically we try deliver the last week of March, beginning of April.
  5. REMINDER:  If they are using/borrowing a cap and gown from a previous year, they would still need to order the class medallion and classic/souvenir tassel and they can only be ordered by calling into the customer care line at 1-800-Jostens
  6. Can they purchase cap/gown/tassel/Medallion Unit at graduation, yes the cost will be $60 (flat fee) must be exact change we do not carry cash on that day.
  7. Can they purchase medallion and tassel on that day:  Yes cost will be $25 (flat fee) must be exact change we do not carry cash on that day.
 Click on this link that will take you directly to the ordering platform: