• View from the Top:

    Thoughts and Comments from Bethel High School Principal, Cliff Anderson

    Bethel High School is all about striving for high levels of academic excellence and good citizenship. With this philosophy in mind, we will expect our staff, students, and administration to do their very best every day at Bethel High School to make each day a great learning experience for all Braves. These high expectations begin when the doors open each morning and continue until the last student and staff member has left our campus. It is important that all BHS students remind themselves why they are here…to get a great education that will prepare you for a successful career after high school. Keep in mind that every decision you make at Bethel High School is accompanied by an outcome (positive or negative). Make sure that all of your outcomes are positive ones that will help you graduate on time and be able to compete for admission to your favorite college or vocational institution.
    Remember: There are others wanting the same things as you…..you need to work harder to get there first!

    Remember these four words… “We Believe in You!” With that said, it is imperative that you believe in yourself. This starts with setting personal goals that will help motivate you to succeed at Bethel High. This year our building theme is “We are Family” – being a member of a great family of learners should be modeled through your thoughts and actions throughout the school year. All Braves will accept, respect and positively interact with all races, creeds, cultures, ethnicities, ages, and genders while a member of the BHS family.

    To help you achieve your academic and personal goals for this year we have established some simple expectations that will assist you, your classmates, and teachers this year. These expectations include:

    The 3 R’s

    • Respect for Yourself
    • Respect for others
    • Respect for your school and community

    Non-Negotiable Student Behavior (Suspendable Offenses)

    • No vulgar language (Swearing and/or using profanity)
    • No Harassment or Bullying (Use of words or actions that humiliate others)
    • No Disobedience and Insubordination (Failure to follow instructions or requests from staff)

    High Expectations for Academic Success – Failure is not an Option!

    • Students will redo all graded work that does not meet standard (C’s or better)
    • Students will retake all quizzes and tests that does not meet standard (C’s or better)
    • Students will develop “real world” expectations (No tardies & minimal absences)

    We are looking forward to a great year at Bethel High School! Come with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. You will be asked to give 100% Effort – 100% of the time! Get ready to do great things! Learning can and will be FUN!